Москва, Россия

08 Jun 2014 Maverick Hatch In Featured, News, Training, Travel

“Moscow, Russia”

People say English is a difficult language to learn but, without ever having tried, I can’t imagine Russian is much easier… If it weren’t for pictures and familiar logo’s I would be completely lost when doing the simplest thing, like ordering dinner.

We started things off with by missing our connection in Frankfurt as the airport was too busy for us to land on time, a four hour layover would ensue (not a huge issue as we were set up nicely in the Frankfurt lounge) and delay our arrival at the hotel until shortly after midnight (18 total hours in transit).  On the flip side though, had we made our original connection we would have missed the fire works show lasting our entire approach to the Domodedovo Airport (not really worth the five hour delay, but pretty cool nonetheless).

Beside the fact English speaking locals are extremely scarce, Moscow is a pretty cool place to visit – the weather is great right now with blue sky for days (a refreshing change in scenery compared to our first Grand Slam of the year) and some of the best sunsets I’ve ever seen, dusk lasts so long here and the colors are amazing.  As for our hotel, this is the first time staying here and the location is great, just a stones throw from the venue.  I always like to measure our European hotel rooms by how many “me’s” it takes from wall to wall  -  the room we’re in now is as wide as my standing reach, and about 3.5 “me’s” from our entrance to the window  -  it’s basically a shoebox (…a shoebox with an awesome photo of a prowling tiger hanging on the wall).

As for the venue; the courts are right beside a lake and everything is within a larger sport facility – a really nice set up, as long as the rain holds off this year (last year the heavy rains flooded the players area)

Well, seeing as how anything else I write won’t be as exciting as the tiger, I’ll sign off for now and leave you with this…

This hotel room just went from a 2.8/5 to a solid 4/5 thanks to the tiger photo...

This hotel room just went from a 2.8/5 to a solid 4/5 thanks to the tiger photo…