2013: Binstock/ Hatch and the World Cup of Beach Volleyball

06 Nov 2012 Mav In News, Training

Welcome back!
I’ve been M.I.A for the past few weeks but for good reason, which I’ll get into shortly. Before I do, I’ll officially announce my new partnership for the upcoming FIVB World Tour season – 2012 Olympian, Josh Binstock. This is something I’m extremely excited about. Josh and I have been good friends for the past few years (realistically since I moved to Toronto to being full-time training) and have had some success on European National Tours together, winning the Austrian A-Cup Final and walking away with silver in Rorschach, Switzerland in 2011. We almost teamed up in 2011 before Josh decided to team with Rich, and I with Sam. Well, two years later and here we are – with our crack at representing Canada at the World Cup of Beach VolleyballContinue reading for more information regarding this inaugural event.

This is the most exciting news of the offseason by far! Canada, having won the Continental Cup last year, qualified one team for the first ever World Cup of Beach Volleyball, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil Jan 9-13. Since each 2011 men’s team has split up Volleyball Canada has no choice other than to hold trials (just like the Olympic trials that took place at Ashbridges that saw Binstock/Reader qualify for London). These trials will be held at our National Team indoor beach training center at Downsview Park in Toronto; semi-finals Nov 30, finals Dec 1.

There will be four teams competing for the sole spot will be Schalk/Saxton, Reader/Schachter, Matty Z/Redmann, and us. Each team will draw for their rank with the 1st/4th & 2nd/3rd seeds facing off in the two semi-finals on Nov 30th with the winners meeting in the finals on Dec 1st.

The World Cup will host 10 teams and offer $150,000 in prize money. As you can imagine, qualifying for (and performing well at) this event will have a huge impact on the quality of our 2013 season providing some much needed funding. I believe Volleyball Canada will be promoting this event and encouraging spectators to file into what should be a standing room only event.

Meanwhile, outside of beach volleyball I’ve been busy with a couple other exciting things; I’ve moved into a new house, and began coaching a U13 girls volleyball team at Toronto French School. I wasn’t planning on coaching again this season but have managed to fall back into it – was tougher than I thought to stay away from coaching, and I’m looking forward to what should be a very successful season with a good group of athletes.

Till next time, keep fit and have fun!


Wolfurt, Austria A-Cup (1st)

Rorschach, Switzerland (2nd)

kim says:

Excellent pairing! Congrats