A Different Start

01 Jun 2013 Mav In News, Training, Travel

The start of this season has been an interesting one for sure, and I’m not just referring to the changes within the FIVB (mentioned in earlier posts). The first 7 months of the 2013 season (including this offseason) reminds me of my first few seasons on the beach flip-flopping from partner to partner on almost a monthly basis, which was normal then but I can’t say I’m a huge fan of it at this stage in my career.

Sorry to those of you who don’t know what’s happened on the men’s side of Canada’s beach national team as I won’t be going into details, I will however make it official that Christian Redmann (the one with the huge bicep in the picture below) and I will be teaming up for the remainder of this season, which is still fairly young considering the FIVB World Tour continues into December this year?!

Christian (or “Red” as I’ll refer to him from now on) and I are pumped to be playing together. At the end of last season we were both keen on playing with each other although I decided to take a different route and team up with Canada’s 2012 Olympian, which was the shortest partnership of my career, haha. Moving forward, both Red and I are happy to be in a partnership where we can invest some serious time and start building something that can lead to success internationally.

Our start internationally may not happen as early as we like, though.  Right now we’re one spot out of The Hague FIVB Grand Slam event, waiting on one team to drop out in order to gain our spot into the qualifier. We’re eagerly awaiting our shot to improve on our Argentina GS result where both of us lost in the first round of the qualifier with our past partners.  Whenever our first test internationally comes, you can be sure that we’ll both be fired up to get this thing going.

In other news, my web designer, Carlos A. Simon, has been working hard to set me up with a new website. It’s almost finished and will have some cool features; an online store where you can purchase the products I use and compete in, a music player where you can listen to a playlist of my current favorite songs, more photo’s and video’s, and a completely different layout.