Arrived in Xiamen, China

04 Oct 2014 Maverick Hatch In Featured, News, Travel

So last year we took a disappointing 33rd here losing to a fiery Aussie team in the windiest conditions I’ve ever experienced on tour – not to take away from their win, they played very well. Anyways, this year we’re obviously looking to improve on that result and with only three confirmed events after this one we need to capitalize on every opportunity we get.

This is my second trip to China in 2014, one too many in my opinion but at least the locations weren’t in reverse order as Xiamen is one of the nicer spots we compete at. Although China always provides a good culture shock I make the most of it by staring people in the eyes for as long as they insist on staring at me (the giant guy walking around that towers over everyone else), and also gasp in shock when kids do the same upon first sight of me – it’s actually pretty fun. The best is in elevators with a group of locals though; it usually begins with some words spoken amongst the locals followed by looks and laughs, and it usually ends when I look back at them and start laughing along, or let out a string of english words that is so far from any proper sentence that there’s no chance of understanding me even if they do understand some english. Of course I don’t do any of this to offend locals, but after four years of travelling to this country I have to try and have some sort of fun, especially when it seems everyone else has so much fun at my expense.

I arrived at the hotel late last night and, after popping some melatonin, passed out for a solid nights sleep. This morning I stuck to what I knew at breakfast, eggs and toast, as nothing had an english description. The only thing I recognized, aside from what I ate, was some fried rice and Chinese spare ribs – both of which aren’t considered breakfast food in my books (I probably should have put it on a plate and brought it to my hotel room for lunch…). Speaking of which, we went to the mall for lunch and swung by Starbucks for some coffee, which oddly enough isn’t offered at breakfast. It was a comical sight trying to 1) hail a cab to take us to the mall, and 2) explain to the driver where we wanted to go. Never before have I had seven people (no joke) assisting Christian and I in our efforts to get anywhere.

That’s one thing that never changes here in China, the tournament people and hotel staff are always very eager to assist! After it all got sorted out we arrived at…uhh…the corner near some stores. Yea, turns out our seven assistants back at the hotel still didn’t manage to give proper directions – we figured it out though.

Later today we’ll hit the ball around. Still waiting on my bags to arrive from Beijing though. That’s all for now, thanks for visiting!