At Home in Switzerland

17 Sep 2013 Mav In News, Travel

First off, I want to apologize to my Swiss family for not getting this post up sooner – Johnny, Nicole, Jenice, and of course their son MAVERICK!

Damn, it’s cool to meet someone named Maverick, first time in my life! – I first met him in 2011.

I originally had a blog written shortly after this event but was unable to post it, unfortunately.  However this was due to too much traffic on the site, which I can’t be upset about.  Since it’s been over a month I won’t go into details about the actual tournament, but I will share the my awesome experience.

I arrived in Olten, my second visit in three years, expecting to run into Maverick and his family.  We shared a few facebook messages prior to my arrival and I was excited to see (the now legal drinking age’d) Mav and enjoy a beer with him one evening.  Well, his family one upped that thought as they opened their home to myself and the other Canadians (Jamie was the only one who could join, silly others!) for lunch – a traditional Ruclette meal, not the best for someone who considers himself lactose intolerant, but delicious nonetheless.

Here’s a photo of us with my Swiss family. Left to right, Johnny, Nicole, Maverick, Me, Jenice, Jamie

After an amazing lunch Johnny introduced me to his retro Swiss bike (seen below) and let me rip around on it up and down the street.  The best part about this is the fact just two days ago I was walking down Queen St. (Toronto, ON) and saw this exact bike sitting in a window of an old antique store!  Tempted to inquire about the cost and working order, I couldn’t help but imagine how awesome it would be to have one for myself.

Needless to say, Switzerland produced some incredible memories and extremely fun times including some quality new friendships.

To briefly touch on the tournament, Redmann and I battled long and hard with the Italians in the final.  With a thrilling 21-19 third set victory we found ourselves atop the podium – this was an amazing experience after having come 2nd in my prior two visits to Switzerland in 2011.

And here’s a shot of our amazingly kind and supportive Swiss friends, the Italians and us following the gold medal match enjoying a few drinks on the promenade and enjoying our final hours in beautiful Olten, Switzerland.

Is that Reader in the back??