Berlin Main Draw

18 Jun 2014 Maverick Hatch In Featured, News, Travel

Just a quick update from Berlin before my night comes to a close.  We were successful this time around, winning in straight sets over Switzerland to qualify (21-16, 21-16).  It’s refreshing for sure; especially after feeling we’ve made some solid progress since Shanghai, and coming up short in Moscow just last week.


Fortunately (for convenience sake) we have a German team in our pool, which means all our matches will be played on courts 1 & 2 – located just outside of our hotel.  These courts are in the middle of Berlin’s main train station, a really nice venue with vendors and many spectators.  The other 3 courts are a quick 15 minute shuttle drive from the hotel.

Here is our pool:

Screenshot 2014-06-18 20.45.24

You can find full results here:

And maybe online streams here:, or,

Last but not least, a shout-out to the peeps at Vega HQ in Vancouver!

Vega has the friendliest people, really amazing products, and provides so much support to me in many ways.  Thanks for everything you do, guys!



- Mav

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