The Hague Qualification – MD
We woke up this morning to see all the hotel flags hanging still – no crazy wind; I already feel like I won something. Good start to the morning. The Aussie team we had in the first round was a team neither Red nor myself have seen before; one was smaller than the other so naturally we started serving him. Awkward. We switched and started serving the bigger guy. This proved to the game plan that would work and inevitably give us the win. But not before going down 4-11 to start the second set. Enter Mother Nature. Wind. We managed to earn a few back with a run of four serves on the good side including three aces in the seam and an over bump. Now a bit happier down only 9-12 at the technical we finished the comeback and closed out the set 21-18.
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March Break Youth Indoor Volleyball Camp!
MAVERICK HATCH/JOSH BINSTOCK | INDOOR VOLLEYBALL MARCH BREAK CAMP | MARCH 11TH-15TH, 2013 As you may already know, I am a current Beach National Team athlete, 2012 Canadian Gold Medalist & aspiring 2016 Olympian.  My new partnership with 2012 Olympian Josh Binstock is exciting, however, the 2013 season will be the most expensive one to date.  To help offset some of the expenses (upwards of $30,000 per athlete) we’ve decided to offer this March Break program as our National Federation is unable to provide us with sufficient funding this season.
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Photoshop Work
I recently got my hands on Photoshop CS6 and this is what I’ve created.  I’ve only used photo’s from this season but plan on using older photo’s for more variety in future edits.I also want to start doing work for other people, teams, events, businesses, etc. The last photo shown is what I created for a Canadian women’s beach volleyball team, Broder/Valjas.
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Ending this wonderful journey…
I’m looking to attain a few more key sponsors this offseason. Next season will be a great opportunity to do some damage internationally as many teams will take time off following the London Games. Financial sponsors will have a bigger impact in 2013 than any other season to date – traveling and competing in as many FIVB and North American tournaments as possible will be key to gaining experience, achieving results, and most importantly coming home with some prize money! *Contest* WIN a FREE pair of MyPakage Underwear! To Enter: "like" this new fanpage, and for a bonus entry just "share" this post and description! (winner announced when 200 "likes" are reached)
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NEW Facebook Fan Page
Shameless self promotion – call it what you want but it has to be done!  Unlike our neighbours to the south, or in other beach volleyball popular areas of the world, here in Canada our ability to attain legitimate sponsors is quite difficult.  To help with this issue I’ve launched a new Facebook Page for my friends, family, and fans to follow along without the requirement of accepting a friend request.
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Everything and the like
Oh boy – well over a month since my last post.  So much has happened, the biggest news being Canada qualifying for London! Two solid teams will be representing Canada at the 2012 Games, just 6 days away from their first matches.  Good luck Binner, Reader, Marie, and Annie!!
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As funny as it is, the few things I know about Russia are from two sources – 1) friends, and 2) video games! I can’t remember which vid but I do remember the Kremlin being a major focal point of that game – now I have the opportunity to visit the Kremlin (without night vision goggles and an array of deadly “tools”). Are you convinced I’m a dork yet? You should be.
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EMERGENCY Team Canada Beach Fundraiser
As our National Team funding continues to be delayed, now putting us at the 6 month mark without funding – having traveled around the world already (Brazil, USA, China, Europe, and back to Canada) with zero funding has been unbelievably difficult and if it weren’t for friends I would not have been able to compete and push for London 2012 simple based on lack of funds. We still have a few trips to Europe for many more events as the season continues. These competitions are crucial for many reasons; entry points, prize money, and London.
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Canadian Beach Volleyball Fundraiser – Schachter/Hatch
*** **Click here for the online invitation and ticket purchase** Fast approaching, great silent auction items, fun for the whole family! With just one month until we depart for our first international competition of 2012 we’re very excited to share this evening with our friends, family, and fans. This year will be the biggest of our career with the opportunity to qualify for and compete in the London 2012 Olympic Summer Games.
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Last Day for Discounted Transfer Fee
Sam and I are so grateful for all the support we’ve gotten thus far. Our flights this season will undoubtably exceed $15,000 and the fact people have been so generous in donating their Aeroplan miles to help us achieve our goal is overwhelming - I guess the biggest “thank you” would be some international results this year! That’s the plan and it will be due to your help!
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Aeroplanning for our 2012 Olympic Qualification season
First off, everything’s going great right now especially with our new indoor beach volleyball facility, aside from the fact the heat isn’t on yet. More recently, Sam and I secured a new sponsor, Voolii Lifestyle – Voolii is a clothing brand operating out of Vegas and although TC & Voolii deserve a full feature shout out I have to get something else out first, which will be a major factor in whether or not we qualify for London 2012 Summer Olympics. (TC, it’s coming dude, and it’ll be huge)
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It’s that time of year again, MOvember. The month of the Mo’. Why? To raise awareness of prostate cancer, which is the third most common form of cancer among men of all ages. Although this is a joke video, the topic is very serious and although I look terrible with a mustache, I’m happy to be supporting this cause. Check out our vid below, share it with your friends, get in the know and show your support, grow a mo’!
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Post National Final
Still no words for you. Here’s a video compliments of The Jon Schachter.
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Austria Arrival
Two delayed flights later I made it to Austria. The weather in Frankfurt, Germany was so bad it forced my first flight to circle in the sky for an extra 30 minutes prior to landing and forced my second flight to delay it’s take off 40 minutes. We’re put up in this hotel that is apparently pretty impressive with pools, water slides, natural hot springs, sauna, hot tubs, beach courts, and aside from only having one (slightly larger then queen sized) bed in the room for Binner and I to share the room is pretty nice too.
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Quebec FIVB – 9th Place
Where to start… It seems as though everything flew right by. Sam and I didn’t have much down time after the Vancouver Open jumping on a plane Monday morning after the tournament to get to Quebec in time for our Country Quota match Tuesday. I’m writing this while flying over Toronto en route to Vancouver. After two matches, one Country Quota and Qualifying match Sam and I made it to the main draw joining the three other Canadian men’s teams who had direct births.
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