Championships – back on the East Coast

28 Aug 2014 Maverick Hatch In Featured, News, Training, Travel

Aright, alright before I explain the multiple Canadian Championships…
For the first time since 1998 I’m back in Halifax. Shortly after landing I found myself staring at an odd shaped hill and asking my driver “is that Citadel Hill?” – “It sure is” he replied. Many memories immediately poured back; memories of traveling to the area with my family when I was a kid. For basically the first 8 years of my life I lived in Nova Scotia (so I could argue I’m a bit of a local! Keep that in mind all you local readers, Maverick Hatch is a local boy and you definitely want to see a local guy win it all! haha) and like many proud East Coast Canadians (or any Canadian for that matter) we would drive into Halifax to watch the Citadels, and Mooseheads play – the local AHL & CHL hockey teams. The Citadels moved to Ontario in 1993, it’s crazy to remember things from way back then. I’m really excited to have the opportunity to come back here.

Now for the details of this National Team Championships, or National Championships, Canadian Championships, Sand Jam, etc. etc. (I’m not quite sure what it’s being called). Last weekend were the “National Championships” where every team but the top 4 in each gender (determined by total FIVB points) participated. The top 4 teams in each gender won the right to participate here in Halifax, joining the top 4 FIVB point teams to create what I think is referred to as the “National Team Championships”.

Sand Jam is an event in it’s 4th year of existence. It all began with youth world championships and since then they have hosted different events all under the same “Sand Jam” title. This is my first year here and I’ve been told the quality is top notch. I think the only downside is that we’re responsible for covering our own food costs, but I guess it could be argued that we pay for our own food during every other Canadian Championship…

Regardless, I’m not sure there is any one thing that will put a damper on this event for me. It’s nice to be back on the East Coast, and it’ll be nice to rendezvous with a couple friends I know are living out here.

For more information on the event, and hopefully some sort of live score update, and online stream – go here:

- Mav