Cope’n(hagen) Without my Bags in Berlin

04 Aug 2013 Mav In News, Travel

“If it doesn’t fit, you must check it” – Air Canada check-in counter staff, 2013

The quote of the year I won’t soon forget and if my bag doesn’t arrive by the time the Berlin Grand Slam starts, a quote that will surely haunt me for my next three weeks on the road.

I recently agreed with Billabong Canada to test the waters of a partnership within the beach volleyball world. To start, they sent me a whip of rad clothing, and a luggage piece – I kind of travel every now and then… I think I’ve spent a total of three weeks in Canada since the beach season started in April.
When my first shipment arrived I saw the luggage piece and noticed it was probably too large to carry on and definitely not large enough to be my main luggage piece. I decided to risk it for my upcoming travels (Berlin, Switzerland, Russia) and that’s when I heard that catchy rhyming quote.

Well it didn’t fit. I didn’t want to check two bags so I took out all my ‘in case my checked bag doesn’t arrive’ items and put them in my checked bag only keeping the things I needed for the flight. Originally I had a spare set of clothes, my competition shorts, sandals, and a couple other things that would be making my present situation much more enjoyable. It was only one transfer, in Copenhagen, before arriving in Berlin so I assumed the risk of losing my bag was low (as if I’m three paragraphs in and am still talking about my lost baggage.)

On the bright side without my bag here there’s way more room for activities – there also happens to be bunk beds, which only makes that line way sweeter to say (please watch the movie Step Brothers if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

Upon arriving in Berlin, after Redmann received both of his checked bags, I headed to the information booth and dealt with my lost baggage before grabbing a taxi to our hotel.

We drove past the courts yesterday and they looked far from being ready so we’re heading down there later today to check things out and hopefully get some sort of a practice in. Worst-case scenario my bag doesn’t arrive before Tuesday, luckily Jamie left a day later than me and is bringing a pair of shorts for my to compete in as well as a couple other things. The airline that lost my bag covers up to $100 within the first 36 hours, although I can only imagine the process I’ll have to through in order to be reimbursed from Scandanavian Airlines…

I’ll be back later this week with an update on our qualification draw. But if you’re on facebook you can follow me for more regular updates and tournament results.