Did You Ever Want to “Adopt an Athlete”?

…here’s your chance!

Every season there comes a point when I (as many Canadian athletes do) start to see my bank account dwindle away to the point where I track each cent trying to save as much as possible for my next event. Knowing this happens each year, I supplement my National Team funding by coaching youth athletes on the beach, and cold calling businesses trying to set up some sort of sponsorship deal. Unfortunately, this point in the season has come sooner than expected for me after having traveled to China for two weeks then across the world to South America – not the cheapest flights around, that’s for sure. I saved myself a few dollars by qualifying in Shanghai earlier this season, and am planning on doing that more often as the season continues

Since moving to Toronto it’s been the same story year after year, and if it weren’t for certain individuals playing large roles in my life/career thus far (some who have given me opportunities to earn finances while others have played more of a sponsorship/donation role) I definitely wouldn’t have been able to continue chasing this dream of mine.

Whatever the delivery, I am extremely grateful for each and every lending hand I’ve ever come across. Building relationships with companies that yield sponsorships and/or donations has always been a bit tricky, one of the reasons being the fact I, as an individual athlete, have never been able to offer a charitable tax receipt…until now! Thanks to Volleyball Canada’s “Adopt an Athlete” program

The catch is that in order to offer a charitable tax receipt Volleyball Canada requires donors specify a sport (not an athlete) to direct the funds to; the donations cannot be earmarked for any individual athlete. However, donors can add a note of who they would like to see their money go towards and Volleyball Canada will do their part in providing expense reimbursements to those athletes.

This season will be my most traveled yet. I leave in five days for the Netherlands, then straight to Rome. After Rome we may wind up back in Toronto for a week prior to leaving for Poland should we get into the World Championships. From Poland it’s straight to Switzerland before heading to VANCOUVER!! We’ll stay in Vancouver for a week then leave for Long Beach, USA or Russia (simultaneous FIVB events). My season after that point is still TBC, but FIVB events will be held in China, Russia, India, China (again), Brazil, and South Africa in December.

So, it’s no secret… ANY and all donations will help and be accepted with a huge smile and many thanks. You can download the form below, and please do not hesitate to contact me (maverick@maverickhatch.com), or our Beach Coordinator Marc Stromme (mstromme@volleyball.ca)

Click to download the form:
Adopt an Athlete Form 2013

Thank you for reading and your support!