Done Creative

04 Dec 2013 Mav In News

Done Creative is a Vancouver Island (yep, that’s where I’m from) based company creating high quality apparel and products. What’s unique about Done Creative is their constant focus on giving back to communities, donating to charities, and their frequent contribution to other initiatives.

The company was started by Ian Adams, a friend of my sister, and his passion for what he does matches, most likely exceeds, that of my own passion towards beach volleyball. He started the company as a side project but has since taken it far beyond just a side project. Maybe it’s because of my ties to the West Coast but I’ve started seeing their t-shirts popping up everywhere, not just on Vancouver Island. Just this summer I saw someone walking around the Toronto beaches wearing my favorite shirt they make.

Before I continue, I suggest you check out their nature-influenced designs for yourself: Done Creative’s online store

As for you social media peeps:
FacebookTwitterInstagram | And for you Pinterest folk, check out Ian Adams’ work.

If you live out west you can find these products at one location in Vancouver, as well as a few on Vancouver Island:

If you’re living outside of Vancouver (Island) you’ll have to order from their website and with the holiday season upon us there’s no better time to place an order.

Keep in mind, with the sale of every Ribbon Series product $1 will go towards protecting the environment!

(Click the photo below to check out their Ribbon Series)