Ending this wonderful journey…

The time has come, unfortunately. It’s been an amazing experience the past two months – the feeling of living back home, on the west coast, is something that’s made me feel so relaxed and positive. I just booked my flight back to Toronto for October 6th, which is great as Thanksgiving dinner is now coming earlier!

When I arrived in BC I made a list of things I wanted to do before my final departure and I got them all done: sunsets, beach fires, hiking, biking, but having the opportunity to spend the most time with my parents (more than a week all together) for the first time in over three years has been the best of all.

Now back to Toronto, back in the swing of things; training, fundraiser planning, sponsorship hunting, coaching and working, all around prepping for the upcoming 2013 FIVB World Tour season. The best part about Toronto is that it’s been about business since moving there. I won’t lie; it’s been tough getting started with all that’s mentioned above while on the west coast, I’m too easily distracted here. However, I have secured one new sponsor, one that’s going to provide more support than any other, literally.

I’m pumped to introduce this sponsor for many reasons: Vancouver, BC based, amazingly comfortable – actually the most comfortable, and lastly because I’m extremely picky when it come to underwear and these trump any other brand I’ve tried, ever.

MyPakage Underwear
There are similar products on the market but none that have their patented Keyhole Comfort Technology – My Pakage, a game changer in men’s underwear. My Pakage has an entourage full of talented people, which I am more than stoked to be a part.

*CONTEST*Maverick’s New Facebook FanPage*CONTEST*
To enter for your chance to WIN a FREE pair of My Pakage Underwear click the link above and “Like” my new fanpage – it’s easy to do, and aids my efforts in attaining new sponsors. Plus you could win some swag!

Along with My Pakage, I’m looking to attain a few more key sponsors this offseason. Next season will be a great opportunity to do some damage internationally as many teams will take time off following the London Games. Financial sponsors will have a bigger impact in 2013 than any other season to date – traveling and competing in as many FIVB and North American tournaments as possible will be key to gaining experience, achieving results, and most importantly coming home with some prize money!

More news to come in the near future as it’s looking like there will be some fresh pairings within the Canadian Men’s Beach Volleyball program.

And be sure to “like” and follow my new page www.facebook.com/MavHat – much love!