Living on the Strand

24 Mar 2014 Maverick Hatch In Featured, News, Training

The days blend into one down here. It only took me 3 days to forget which day of the week it was – trying to tackle emails on Saturday/Sunday so curious as to why I’m not getting regular replies within a reasonable amount of time… That’s what training on weekends for the first time this offseason does to me I guess.

Things have been going well. This is probably the best transition back to outdoor play that I’ve had to date, which is nice as it allows us to focus on other aspects of the game as we train and compete. Yesterday we trained in the afternoon with a team from Germany and that was the windiest session yet – making for a few comical rallies.

This morning we went down to Huntington to train with the USA guys, wind not playing much of a factor. Many things we’ve been working on so far this offseason have come into play the past few days down here. In all honesty (and our coach will understand), I was a bit skeptical at times showing up and just busting my ass at our indoor training center, session after session. It was a fairly different approach than what I’ve been used to the past few years. Being my first offseason working with John Child (the Canadian legend and ’96 Olympic bonze medalist), skepticism kind of comes with the territory. Throughout our indoor offseason I knew you just had to trust a guy like Child, obviously he knows what he’s talking about having been there himself and all… This has become even more apparent to me now, during these first 4 days, and I’m really looking forward to having him on the road this season.

Red and I just finished up with some therapy and are using tomorrow as a rest day, probably head to the gym and lift to keep the body feeling good. Today was our 5th session in 4 days since arriving, this rest day being moved up 2 days from it’s original day of Thursday – a necessary change.

So far, the ability to plan our own sessions and work without our team has been great. When we first heard that Volleyball Canada would be covering the costs of this training camp we were a little concerned our schedules would be made for us but that hasn’t been the case. Wednesday we head back to Huntington for another round with Jake & Casey, then it’s back to Hermosa Thursday-Sunday for 5 more sessions (cramming as much training in as our bodies will allow within this 10 day span)

Now that a few days have passed and we’ve had time to adjust back to outdoors I’ll throw my camera up during our remaining sessions and hopefully have a few good rallies (or comical errors) to share with you.

It’s time for me to lay low and catch the Bruins game (NHL) on in about an hour – thanks for the read