NEW Facebook Fan Page

18 Sep 2012 Mav In News, Uncategorized

Shameless self promotion – call it what you want but it has to be done!  Unlike our neighbours to the south, or in other beach volleyball popular areas of the world, here in Canada our ability to attain legitimate sponsors is quite difficult.  To help with this issue I’ve launched a new Facebook Page for my friends, family, and fans to follow along without the requirement of accepting a friend request.

I hope you can do me a huge favor and migrate your way to this new page and click on the “Like” button.  On this page you’ll also find a box that gives you direct access to my YouTube Channel as well as my Instagram (photo sharing app).

If you’re super keen, you can share this blog post on your social media avenues – oddly enough, the more “likes” the more powerful a tool the page becomes in securing sponsors.

Thanks again!