Next to the Pacific, to be Specific

12 Apr 2014 Maverick Hatch In Featured, Training, Travel

After a long, cold, miserable winter in Toronto (with a pleasant 10 day break in Cali) I’m happy to finally be hitting the road (check back with me in three-weeks, though) with a stop in Van to kick things off. It’s always a special feeling when I get to spend an extended amount of time in Vancouver.

Red and I will be here for a week while he wraps up some RBC work, meanwhile I’ll take the opportunity to schedule a few meetings with some sponsors who are located here, and spend time with my friends I rarely see. In my last post I mentioned a television appearance although I guess I spoke too soon, just two days before filming I was cut from the pitch (height discrimination no doubt.) The show was Dragons Den (a popular entrepreneur/investment show, for any non-Canadian readers.) With that went my chance at 15-minutes of fame, a welcomed change though, I had been dealing with a bit of a cold since returning from Ontario Youth Volleyball Championships the previous weekend.

Shoutout to my U14 Phoenix Heat team! The girls managed to improve their ranking by 12 spots, and although they finished ranked 9th place it was a wonderful weekend filled with their best volleyball of the season. I was so proud and thoroughly enjoyed my time. Congrats girls!

All in all it was a hectic, enjoyable week back in Toronto. My dad flew out and we saw the Bruins/Leafs game (no comment – why? Cause the Bruins lost…) then Jamie and I finally had time to set up our new place. Kind of tough leaving the new digs but as I said earlier, a trip to Vancouver never goes unwelcomed – even despite the fact I turn into a complete beach bum while there, couch surfing all over. (Thanks in advance, friends!)

Once we wrap things up in Van we’re heading to Cali again, 7 days of training followed by a quick stopover in Van en route to Shanghai for our first tournament of the season. The FIVB schedule this year is laid out in a fashion that should be easier on the bank account, compared to last season’s ridiculous schedule anyway. The only downside this season is the extended break between Grand Slams, just over a month off until the Moscow GS rolls around – if we go that is. I can’t say I’m the most thrilled to travel there at the moment, even if we won’t be near any of the ongoing military hostilities.

I’m about halfway to Vancouver as I write this… Here’s to hoping I’m welcomed by sunshine for days. Before I go I’ll remind everyone of the prize giveaway going on right now; winner being drawn after Shanghai – See below for more info, and good luck! Thanks to Travel Roller, Vega, and Billabong for the items!