NORCECA Championships in Trinidad

27 Nov 2013 Mav In News, Training, Travel

Well, a month since my last post solidifies the fact my offseason is close.

I started blogging in 2009 leading up to the Canada Summer Games in order to keep my close friends and family updated on the adventure. Since then I’ve continued to do the same, so when the frequency of competition starts to taper off, as do my blog posts – my life is not interesting enough, nor am I funny enough to blog on a regular basis about everyday things.

I’m in Trinidad now for NORCECA’s Continental Championships (NORCECA = North, Central America & Caribbean). Volleyball Canada decided to send their two highest FIVB point teams to these Championships, which means Red and I are accompanied by Ben and Chaim. On the women’s side, Jamie/Kristina and Heather/Caleigh will compete.

This will be my first NORCECA of the season. Since this is the championships the points will match that of an FIVB Open – Canada usually finishes in the top 4 for both men and women on the NORCECA tour so it will be a great opportunity to gain more points heading into the final FIVB of the season (Dec 11 in Durban, South Africa) as well as the start of next FIVB season.

Arriving late last night, a thick wall of humidity hit us as we left the airport. In the 12 hours since arriving two very heavy downpours have come and gone, the humidity has stuck around, and the light outside our hotel room window (the same light thats made it appear as daytime throughout the entire night) has yet to turn off… This morning at breakfast, which was absolutely delicious, we were welcomed by hotel staff, whom I assume is the hotel manager, and were told the weather should be similar during the course of our stay. There’s nothing like playing with a soaked Molten volleyball to wake up your shoulder and have it feeling like a million bucks after a few swings (heavy sarcasm noted*)

Even with the unfortunate weather report I’m still hopeful for some sun, at least let there be no torrential downpours during my matches, please!
We’ll head to the venue later today for practice, about 20 minutes by taxi from the hotel – we would take a shuttle but apparently it left at 8am this morning and doesn’t leave the beach till 7pm tonight, tough one.

Everyone here has been really kind thus far and I’m looking forward to the start of the tournament. I’ll do my best to post updates as things progress.

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