NVL – Best of the Beach

10 Sep 2012 Mav In News, Travel

I thought my beach season was over following my final serve at the Canadian Championships at Spanish Banks.  Well it turns out I’ll be playing in the NVL’s “Best of the Beach” tournament this week/end in Vegas!

I’m pretty sure I blacked out as I now have a flight booked to Vegas leaving Wednesday morning – all happening within a span of two hours.  I was hoping to get a spot in this tournament earlier this season as one of my sponsors (Voolii Lifestyle) is stationed out of Vegas and the tournament itself looks to be a pretty awesome scene.

The format of the tournament is a KOB (King of the  Beach) where the top player from each pool advances to Friday, along with the top 8 USAV ranked players.  Earning money for each win, the amount per win increasing each day, the chances to come home with some decent coin is there if you’re able to keep advancing.

NVL’s Website – Best of the Beach, Vegas

I’ve never faired all that well with this format but it’s worth a shot!  I’ll try to keep updates coming but don’t count on it till I’m back in Canada!

Keep on keepin’ on