One Week Till Sunny California

16 Mar 2014 Maverick Hatch In News, Training, Travel

Now that March Break is over, it’s time to shift my focus towards our training camp in California. But first, I’d like to thank all the athletes who came out to Phoenix Volleyball’s first annual March Break Volleyball Camp. I had a blast working with many awesome athletes and coaches throughout the week. Also another big thanks to my sponsors who contributed some great products for the athlete packs, and prizing.

Last but not least, a special shoutout to the two girls from my U14 Phoenix Heat team who made it out to the camp, Meghan and Izzy! Great work girls, I’m really happy to see your commitment towards improving! Looking forward to my return from Cali just in time for our Provincial Championships. To everyone on the team, keep working hard while I’m gone, see you April 1st!

Now back to Cali… it will probably be a real rough trip. This winter in Toronto has been extremely “Canadian” thus far. Cali will surely be far too sunny for me to fully enjoy the trip; I mean, with no snow on the ground and having to train outside I’m not sure how I’ll survive!

Like last year before leaving for China, I’ll be packing all my belongings for yet another move before we head to Cali; my fifth in just four years since moving to Toronto. This will thankfully be my last. A perfect location just eight-minutes from Toronto’s International Airport, and easy access to the highway for a quick commute to our National Team training center.

Our National Team camp in Cali starts Saturday. While Christian and I are down south we’ll be training with some USA teams, also reuniting with fellow Canadians Chaim/Ben who have been down there for the past couple weeks. It’ll be great to get outside again, as well as hang with my old roommate @chaimschalk. Although this is just a quick ten day trip, our plan is to head back out west after returning to Toronto for one week to tie up loose ends and finish coaching before our FIVB season kicks off.

I’ll be posting some photo’s on my instagram while in Cali. Be sure to check em out if you’re an instagram-er.

To all my Canadian friends, keep your stick on the ice. Summer will be here soon enough!