Parting Ways

18 Oct 2012 Mav In News, Training

It was a hell of a run. Both Sam and I beginning our World Tour careers together; some may say the toughest way to start a partnership, learning as much about yourself as you are about your partner – All while you travel around the world, another first, competing against the best teams in the world, yet another first.

That’s a lot to be thrown into without having the required support from your National Federation, providing sufficient coaching and other support staff while on the road.

It’s funny that a partnership winds up identical to a real-life relationship – but wait, which one of us is the girl? – A disagreement on the court can unwisely be carried back to the hotel room, and vice versa. Actually for Sam and I, this was rarely the case as we both shared the drive and desire to win at all costs. There are definitely aspects of our partnership that we won’t find playing with other people but on the other hand there are things that we wouldn’t experience unless we play with other people.

It’ll be those experiences that we’ll draw on should we ever decide to team up again, after all this is the beginning of a new quad, some would say a “feeler year” where anything can happen afterwards.

I can honestly say I have no hard feelings towards Sam and wish the guy all the best! We’re parting ways on good terms. After all, how can we not? We’ve shared far more success than failure as a team – With exception of FIVB World Tour events, we’ve made finals in many tournaments; European National Tours, Canadian National Tour, Provincial tours, and National Championships – a pretty damn good run!

All the best to you Sammy, looking forward to playing against you now!

As for me, I’m still uncertain of whom I’ll partner with at the moment. For the time being, I’m planning my offseason – work, training, sponsors, etc.

That’s all the news I have at the moment. Check back next week for another update, a new partnership, and more opportunities to win some of my sponsor’s gear!

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Dan Lewis says:

Where do I sign?

Mav says:

Let’s do this. Canadian events, done.

You guys were a very fun team to watch. Too bad.

Mav, you’ll continue to climb the ranks on the world tour with whoever you play with. Good luck moving forward.