Phoenix March Break!

It’s that time of year again, although I hate how it doesn’t signify a change in my schedule like it used to; the good old days when March Break meant two straight weeks of sleeping in, hanging outside all day, doing anything and everything that had absolutely nothing to do with school. Well now things are pleasantly different, this time of year has now become a time packed with coaching youth volleyball camps.

Last year I was lucky enough to organize and coach my first March Break camp for 32 youth volleyball-ers. I was lucky enough to have the help of my sponsors, we offered daily prizes, and a cool athlete’s pack. We also brought in some fantastic coaches. All in all it turned out pretty well.

Well this year my participation was a little cut back as I’m busier preparing for my World Tour season that’s quickly approaching, however, I still managed to contribute a fair amount of time, yesterday being my first experience at this years camp, a quick 1/2 day session.

You can just barely see in this photo, the bottom of the campers t-shirt – my website logo! I’m very grateful the organizer was kind enough to provide a good promotional opportunity for me. Even though I was a little surprised by it’s prominence!

Thank you for your continued support Phoenix Volleyball!


This year there are around 60 athletes participating, ranging from 10-12 years all the way up to 17 years old. Each court has two coaches, and by the end of the camp all athletes will have had a great opportunity to improve all their skills, or at the very least stay in game-shape as many athletes have tournament following March Break. I know my U14 Phoenix team has a tournament the weekend after the break, and I’m extremely happy to see that two of my athletes made it to the camp! Good work Meghan & Izzy!

Tomorrow will be my second day coaching – Excited to be there for the whole day but also because all athletes will be receiving their athlete packs. This was my main contribution this year thanks to my sponsors who really stepped up to provide all athletes with some great stuff! Thank you!

That’s all for now. Check back later this week for more details and photo’s from the camp!