Plant-Based Approach to Training

04 Oct 2013 Mav In News

After years of forcing down their very first health food shakes saying to myself “it’s not for long, and it’ll make you feel much better than how bad it tastes” I’m now a Vega Ambassador.

People who are around me most will know I’m not one to shy away from the blunt truth, and it’s no different here.  Vega-fans who have been using their products as long as I have will agree, their first generation Vega One was no walk in the park.  Not to worry, as if there were any doubt, Vega now produces some of the best tasting health food and sport supplements I’ve ever used.  The gluten & dairy free element of Vega’s products is huge – we lactose-intolerant folk can consume their pre/during/post-training mixes without worry, and you gluten-free types can enjoy it all the same.

Aside from Vega coming out with their all-new Sport line of products, my favorite thing about the brand, and employee’s, is that the message is delivered in a loud, clear, and fun manner – ‘be you, and be healthier’ – why this is so important to me is because I’m definitely not vegan, nor am I vegetarian, but what I and Vega do have in common is what I paraphrased above and that’s the most important thing.

My body is my means of achieving the goals I’ve set for myself.  Without the optimal performance of my body I will fail.  I’m passionate about healthy living, I love to cook and be creative in the kitchen (although I’d let my girlfriend cook every night if she wanted to!), and I love to share my passion towards being a healthier person, not just nutrition but in all aspects of life.

As an athlete, wait, as an underfunded athlete* I have to be proactive in finding companies to align with that can help me achieve my goals as well as ease the cost of everyday living and training.  I try to find companies that share similar interests, missions, or a general style that I can relate to – when going down the list of what I held important in my life, I kid you not, I found every single one within the Vega company.  If I didn’t find it within Vega’s history, goals, or vision, I found it within a Vega staff member I met throughout my entire process of becoming an Ambassador.

So, welcome Vega!  And thank you!

Now, for all of you who question the ways of vegan/vegetarian people – before you say another word try this recipe… Pulled Jackfruit Tacos – am I right?!  Wow.


ps. I attempted my first Vega inspired muffin recipe a week ago with such good intentions – I won’t go into detail, but lets just say I should stick to cooking.  It’s tough to freestyle a muffin recipe when baking definitely isn’t your forte.