Pre-National Championships

14 Aug 2012 Mav In News, Training

Not a bad scene for this year’s Canadian Beach National Championships… Spanish Banks, B.C.

Since coming out west I’ve done my best to not live through my social media – I always felt it’s tough to thoroughly enjoy where you’re at and what you’re doing if you’re distracted sharing photo’s and status updates. That’s really what it can manifest into, a distraction.

Along with the Vancouver Open, BC Provincials, and Center of Gravity, I’ve had the opportunity to tour wineries in Osoyoos, visit my family on Vancouver Island, and spend time at a great cottage in Parksville (also on Van Isle.). There has been an array of different things going on all of which have been perfect. The only downside to not posting, sharing, and tweeting about it is that I’m slowly starting to forget the little details since so much has been going on!

Regardless of all that, now that the heart of this West Coast swing is coming to an end I’ll do my best to jump back on the train and spend, at least a few more hours a week, keeping my social media avenues up to date!

Sam and I took a solid week off after Center of Gravity and are jumping back on the sand today. Last year at the championships Sam and I lost in the final, needless to say we have one goal in mind this year – can’t wait for it to get started.