05 Jun 2012 Mav In Uncategorized

As funny as it is, the few things I know about Russia are from two sources – 1) friends, and 2) video games!

I can’t remember which vid but I do remember the Kremlin being a major focal point of that game – now I have the opportunity to visit the Kremlin (without night vision goggles and an array of deadly “tools”). Are you convinced I’m a dork yet? You should be.

Aside from video games (now limited to NHL exclusively, although you don’t care), Russia, from the small amount I’ve seen, appears to be quite pleasant; I’ve heard both joyful and horror stories prior to departing Canada. Being in the position I’m in, a beach player here for an event, as long as the sun keep blasting it’s warm rays I’ll be quite happy and this will be a delightful trip. It also helps to know that we’re on a direct flight back home following this event, unfortunately without enough entry points to make it into the qualifier in Rome (currently 11th on the reserve list).

After the ~9 hour flight from Toronto, direct to Moscow, I was pretty bagged not having slept the whole way. 3 hours later still groggy from my nap we met up with Jamie and Kristina who had just arrived and went for dinner. English wasn’t our server’s strong suit but luckily there were pictures for almost every dish on the menu, including dessert, which was delicious.

My nap definitely gave me more energy but also messed with my internal clock as I didn’t get to bed until 2:30am, and that was with the help of melatonin (a natural sleep aid). Ben and Redmann arrived this morning, at the brutal hour of 5am, so to let them sleep longer we’ll head to courts around 6pm for our first training session.

Is it weird the thing I’ve been looking forward to the most is as simple as an escalator? I’ve been told the escalators that lead to the subway system are extremely long – apparently they used old bomb shelter tunnels for the subway system here, which explains the depth.

I’ll post some pictures of it at some point before leaving. Time to grab some lunch.