Silent Sand is Here!

03 Jul 2013 Mav In News

The Silent Sand beach event starts in one day and unfortunately for me, the FIVB schedule will interrupt my participation in this, sure to be great, event in support of Canada’s Deaflympics beach volleyball teams.

Working with Kim and helped pitch the idea to a great crew of Vancouver beach players in hopes of drawing them out to compete with and against me for bragging rights; with any team beating me and my intended partner Matty LeBourdais winning a promo code good for 50% off a pair of Spy Optics eyewear – Thanks for Spy for hooking that up for this event and providing me with my eyewear since 2011.

Since I will no longer be attending this event – beginning tomorrow evening at 6 Pack Indoor Beach Center and featuring some of the best West Coast beach players around, not to mention both of Canada’s Deaflympic Teams – the champions will win the opportunity pick up a pair of Spy shades for ½ off if they like!

I’m sure the event will go off without a hitch and everyone will have a great evening. I wish the best of luck to everyone, especially Canada’s Deaflympic teams!

For more information about the Silent Sand Beach Event go here:


KIm says:

We are going to miss you Mav – always wondered what you’d be like “playing deaf” – Im sure a few of Vancouver’s players also wondered that.

Oh well, good luck in Switzerland and thanks for your help. We honestly couldnt have done this without your early support.

Maybe next year???