SP, Brazil Grand Slam

09 Oct 2013 Mav In News, Training, Travel

Once a few teams withdrew late last night – changing our draw from what would have been fellow Canadians Josh/Sam – we were matched up against an Argentinian team who we’ve played earlier this year in Berlin and had some success against.

After deciding to stick with the same game plan as the first time around we shut the lights out last night and both had a fairly sporadic sleep, well Redmann was tossing and turning which inevitably interrupted my slumber; it’s always awesome having a bad sleep the night before game-day.

This morning I was looking at two different weather reports, one listing sun and cloud and the other listing nonstop rain…I quickly closed the rain forecast and focused on warm sun. By the time our match started there was no sun, but there also was no rain – perfect conditions. We got off to a fast start up 6-1 at the first side change. That continued the rest of the set as we closed it out 21-9.

We were fired up and doing what we could to stay focused and end the match as soon as possible, but before we even stepped on the court we were down 0-3, or at least that’s what it felt like by that point. Real good. Some back and forth rallies and we managed to even it up at 5’s and from there we closed the set out 21-14. Phew!

It was a solid day for us, not making many unforced errors and got into a real smooth rhythm in side out. I stuck around the venue and “coached” Jamie and Kris (served balls and helped them warm up prior to their match vs Russia.)

Jamie and Kristina cruised to a 21-16 first set win, but after battling hard in the second wound up losing 20-22 on an unfortunate tape-ace. The coach of the Russian team looked over and we would shared a nervous glare with each other, both unsure of how the game was going to play out – I believed Jame and Kris would win, but third sets can go either way and they regularly result in unexpected outcomes.

Much to my delight, and the delight of the girls, they pulled it out 15-12 to advance to the main draw.

The day as a whole went well. The sun is supposed to be out tomorrow (depending which forecast you look at) and we’re now just waiting for the main draw schedule to be posted…

Update: 1:50pm (9:50am PT) vs Brazil (Alison/Emanuel) on Center Court – Live Stream: http://bit.ly/16wfBMb (sportlemon.tv)

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