Temporary Home in Hermosa

22 Mar 2014 Maverick Hatch In Featured, News, Training, Travel

The flight in was smooth, the beef tenderloin for lunch helped (well done Air Canada.) It’s nice to be back in California, Hermosa to be exact. Not that it’s any palace, actually far from it, but crashing at the Sea Sprite while we’re here will be pretty good too – location wise. I’m curious how long it’ll be until I’m feasting at Brothers; those of you who have spent any time in Hermosa will know what I’m talking about, one of the best joints along the beach.

This will be the first year, during my time with the National Team, that Volleyball Canada will be covering our expenses for this training camp. Pretty pumped that I’m out here on VC’s dime and not my own! This will provide a good opportunity to get outside, an earlier start than recent years adjusting back to the wind, sun, and (hopefully no) rain.

With only 10 days here, Redmann and I will be squeezing in as much training as possible while trying to take care of a few non-training volleyball related things. There are 2 men’s teams traveling down (Pedlow/Ogorman & us), 3 including Ben/Chaim who’ve been here for a bit already. On the women’s side there are two teams (Jamie/Kristina & McTavish/Whitaker. As well as Heather Bansley, solo while Sarah Pavan finishes up her indoor season in Brazil) – Along with the teams, VC also sent down the program head coach, Steve Anderson, and therapist Louise Chan. Should be a fairly solid experience, one I’m hoping will continue moving forward, just longer and maybe closer to the start of our season – baby steps though.

I think we’ll have one full day off. Might try to sneak in a little surf or something (not that I can surf, I’m actually horrendous) the only other times I’ve gone (3) I’ve tried to ride a board that’s way too short… Probably cause I’m more concerned of how I look holding it more than anything else; enough of that nonsense though, it’s time to actually focus on riding waves or at least giving it a good effort (disclaimer, I’ve given it a legitimate effort before and still failed miserably.)
Maybe I can hire the services of fellow big(ger) man, Ryan Doherty to show me how it’s done, or not done? I have no idea if he can surf, regardless, he’ll either help me or I’ll be slightly less awkward looking than him – seems like a win/win.

After the above, I think my only other focus is to get a little bronzed before Redmann, Jamie, and I get our 15 minutes of fame on national (Canadian) television once we’re back in Toronto – not sure if I’m allowed to say anymore, so I’ll hold off!

Hopefully we can bring some warmth and sun back to Toronto, but till then I’ll be soaking up all I can before heading home.