The 2013 Beach Season is Finally Here

17 Apr 2013 Mav In News, Training, Travel

By far the worst thing about having a blog is falling behind and having to catch up with one post – here we go…

The season is upon us, finally. This past offseason feels like the longest yet, maybe the fact this never-ending Toronto winter has been just that. During training last week we looked outside and there was a healthy amount of snow on the ground. I find myself missing the west coast more and more each year.

Friday Sam and I will leave for China. Sam? Yep. Most of you know that Binstock and I decided to team up this year, however, the FIVB started 2013 in crazy fashion. Initially there were no longer qualification tournaments, which was Canada’s current path into FIVB main draws. This season is also a World Championships year, being held in Poland. Since initially there were no qualifiers the thought was to have Josh and Christian team up in hopes of getting some good results and gaining enough points to split up and pull two teams into Worlds (the original partnerships of Binstock/Myself & Redmann/Matty Z).

One change the FIVB has made benefits Canadian teams in a big way.  NORCECA (North, Central America & the Caribbean) tour now counts for international ranking points; winning a NORCECA awards a team with as many points as finishing 9th in an FIVB Open event.

Since the initial changes the FIVB has changed competition guidelines two more times. There are now qualification tournaments for both Open and Grand Slam events, among other changes that I won’t get into – it’s all fairly confusing and quite ridiculous to be honest with you. Ultimately this meant partner switching was unnecessary but the decision was made and now we’re making the best of it.

Aside from partner switches and multiple changes within the FIVB regulations things are going well. Sam and I are obviously comfortable playing with each other and heading into the first FIVB event we’re feeling pretty good. The first set of FIVB events will determine whether or not we’ll qualify for the World Championships beginning of July.

In non-competition related news:
This offseason a group of us ran an Indoor Youth Volleyball Camp that was a big success! Josh, Jamie, Kristina, and myself ran a weeklong March Break volleyball camp for 32 athletes of all ages. We all had a great time and by the sounds of it the athletes did as well.

Since the beach season is upon us we’re extremely pumped to say that, in conjunction with Phoenix Volleyball and Volleyball Canada, we’ll be running some beach clinics May 4th/5th & 11th/12th! Unfortunately the four of us will still be in China for the first weekend, but we’re all back in town for the second weekend and are looking forward to working with some great athletes!

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That’s all for now.  We’re taking off this Friday for a two week stint in China.  I’d like to give a HUGE shoutout to Vega; providing me with enough plant-based nutrition products to survive while in China – there’s a long list of things that we’ve been advised not to eat while in China.  Vega, thank you!