The Hague Qualification – MD

11 Jun 2013 Mav In Uncategorized

We woke up this morning to see all the hotel flags hanging still – no crazy wind; I already feel like I won something. Good start to the morning. The Aussie team we had in the first round was a team neither Red nor myself have seen before; one was smaller than the other so naturally we started serving him. Awkward. We switched and started serving the bigger guy. This proved to the game plan that would work and inevitably give us the win. But not before going down 4-11 to start the second set.
Enter Mother Nature. Wind.
We managed to earn a few back with a run of four serves on the good side including three aces in the seam and an over bump. Now a bit happier down only 9-12 at the technical we finished the comeback and closed out the set 21-18.

Back at the hotel we had a small window to relax and get ready for our next match against a Russian team that I was 0-1 against going back to last year, while Redmann had experienced success against this team with both Rich and Ben. We knew what our game plan would be heading in and with a load of blocks and a very solid sideout game we pulled off the victory 2-0 (25-23, 21-17). In the first set we were up a few but let them back in it with a few unforced errors and after failing to end the set on two swings, Redmann tagged the end line with a float serve. The kind of play you look back on and thank whatever lucky forces were on your side.

As for tomorrow – the second Main Draw of our season, and first as a team – we’re in Pool B and play Allison/Emanuel at 2:20pm (5am PST), while Chaimer and Benny are in Pool E. See each of our pool’s composition below

Looking forward to playing some good ball tomorrow and enjoying The Hague GS event – it’s a great venue here, very social and casual around the courts, and I’m sure the crowed on center will be pretty large as the tournament continues.