Unexpected Paradise

14 Aug 2013 Mav In News, Training, Travel

I cannot find the words in order to express just how much I enjoyed myself while in Wolfurt this year, or how thankful I am for the opportunity to stay with and get to know such an amazing family during my time there.

Two years ago, my first time in Wolfurt, Walter – the tournament promoter – put us up in a hotel but this year we were taken in the Geiger family; Peter, Ursla and their three daughters Monica, Martina, and Eva, as well as their two cats and two rabbits (apparently Redmann has a thing for Rabbits, which I never knew – he also has some lovely scratch marks on his chest to remember them by.)

It didn’t take long to feel right at home, either. By the end of day two we had met most of the family and since we were provided a Smart Car during our stay we were able to come and go as we pleased. It was in fact an unexpected paradise, that is once the rain stopped – just in time for the start of the men’s tournament on Saturday, as well as the women’s semis and finals. Not sure if many readers follow me on facebook or instagram but if you do you’ll have already seen the paradise-like photo I posted after our first win. From that moment on I realized nothing could possible go wrong, and in fact I was right…

Here is Red and I front and center as we managed to claim our first tournament win as a team beating my good friend Dave Kufa and his partner Dave Lenz from Czech Republic in straight sets, 2-0.

As for the tournament, I’d like to send a huge thank you to Walter and the OK-Team for welcoming me back to Wolfurt. I’m not sure how they did it, but they managed to show me a better time than my first visit here – a good way of ensuring I do what I can to return again, hopefully next year! Thank you so much to everyone involved in making this tournament one of my favorite experiences of this season, I hope you enjoyed watching Christian and I compete and we look forward to doing it again.

This is a collage that Peter made the night we won – we celebrated at the venue until 1am. The next day Peter told me he stayed up till 2:30am after we got home in order to put this together – he was falling asleep at his computer! Thank you, Peter!

The atmosphere in Wolfurt was incredible the entire time we were there. We were told this event is the highlight of the year in Wolfurt so most of the people come to either watch the competition – some 1000 fans attended semis and finals – or come down later in the evening for the musical performances and party each night (from what I was told anyway, of course I did not attend the evening par-tay… right…)

What comes next? Well we’ve been on the train to Olten for almost an hour now and it’s difficult to be upset while thinking about what comes next – After all, Switzerland is beautiful and it’s in Olten where I met the first person that shares my name! – But at the same time I will surely miss all the great people we met in Wolfurt; all the great families who invited us over for lunch, the delicious home cooked meals that Ursla made (one of which was Goulash, my absolute favorite.) This may be a bit repetitive by now, but it was just incredible and I will never forget it.

We just arrived in Olten. It’s time to reset and focus on competing yet again. Olten will feature some of Switzerland’s best teams, as well as a team from Italy who has been on fire lately. Happy to have built some momentum in Wolfurt and we’ll do our best to continue that in Olten.