Van City & SoCal Training

25 Apr 2014 Maverick Hatch In News, Training, Travel

After a premature departure to Vancouver (two full days of no training after arriving there) Red and I got on track with the help of Brian Hiebert, as well as Mert and Dan (thanks guys!) during a beautiful day in Kits – The kind of day that makes every Canadian beach athlete question why we are centralized in Toronto…

Capping off our short stint in Van was a solid group breakfast and training session with future Kits beach legends LeBourdais/Wiskar in what was a three set battle.

We all opted for the $5.99 special so of course we decided to play credit card roulette for the bill, sure enough, as always I was the lucky loser (you’re welcome for breakfast, gents.)

Following the match Red and I jumped on a plane to Cali where we would be staying with Ben & Chaim in Huntington.

Travellers Tip: never reserve a car from Hertz at LAX.  We showed up, with the hundreds of other people expecting to receive our reserved car just to find out it was over an hour wait?!

When we finally arrived in Huntington around 2am we decided to cancel morning practice in lieu of a solid night’s sleep. I’m still blown away at what an absolute gong show Hertz was, just pathetic.

Anyways, we were in Cali for just under a week this time around. We trained five of the six days against teams from the US and Great Britain, as well as our Canadian counterparts.  There were a couple rocky sessions but we finished off our pre-season training with some solid play and were happy with that.  Red flew back last night; meanwhile I stuck around for Chaimer’s birthday dinner in Hermosa.

That’s all for now. Some clips from this past week are posted below

I’m leaving for Shanghai this morning. We’re currently ranked 6th in the qualifier, stay tuned for updates as the start nears – Lastly, be sure to check this out for your chance to win:Season Kick Off Giveaway