When in Rome

14 Jun 2013 Mav In News, Training, Travel

I’m sure the line “When in Rome” has been more than overused during trips Canadian’s trips to Rome but that won’t stop me from saying it every chance I get while I experience Rome for the first time, starting tomorrow. I leave The Hague tomorrow morning on a 7:00am direct flight via Transavia airlines, the main tournament sponsor here in Holland.

The Hague was a pleasure. The venue was really nice and the players were treated very well; free food and drink this evening for us, although I decided to call it a night early in order to get a good rest prior to flying to Rome.

In terms of our result – If I only focus on the fact this was mine and Red’s first FIVB tournament together, or competition of any sort for that matter, I’m happy with how things went. However, as I’m sure you can understand, I’m not overly satisfied with the way things ended up. As a qualification team, making your way out is a great thing, but that accomplishment is soon overshadowed once the main draw starts. And unfortunately for me The Hague marks the second main draw in a row where three consecutive main draw losses followed a strong qualification outing.

Understanding that the process takes time I am still extremely unsatisfied. I’m itching to get back to it, in slightly more normal conditions (sans 30km/h wind), and earn some success, build some momentum, and start making some money with main draw results.

Both Redmann and I feel as though we were gifted an opportunity this season, now as partners. In just one event I realize we share many similarities, the kind of similarities that will make out partner develop more smoothly than usual, which will hopefully lead to what we want to achieve together.

Till Rome, arrivederci!