Wicked Weather

08 Aug 2013 Mav In News, Training, Travel

In the past 8 hours, and periodically since day 1 Berlin has produced some of the most intense thunder I’ve ever heard. And to make matters worse thunders best friend lightning has joined the party, along with buckets and buckets of rain! The weather here is absolutely gnarly right now – this is making it tough not see this as a silver lining. Don’t get me wrong, I would trade places with any team competing in the main draw today but at certain times on tour there’s nothing you can do except find that silver lining and continue to grind your way towards your goal.

Having said that, this has been my first full season on tour and although, in my third year of international ball, I would have liked and expected to have qualified more I am not unhappy with the season. I’ve qualified more times this year than any other year and have continued to improve. There’s a lot to build on and there are most likely five events left in my season, excluding the Canadian Championships. The Championships conflict with the Moscow Grand Slam where I’ll be competing in search of my second 17th (or better) result en route to three 17th’s in order to secure senior carding for next year.

It’s hard to believe that eight FIVB events and four months have passed by so quickly after having battled through another Ontario winter. With a scattered scheduled over the next five months to end the FIVB season it will be a fun year-end heading into the offseason.

Redmann and I are heading to Austria now to play in Wolfurt. Afterwards we go to Switzerland and compete in a Swiss COOP beach tour event before departing to Moscow. Post Moscow, back in Canada, I’ll have a solid week off as I move into a new place and get settled before hitting the sand to prep for China and Brazil – can’t say I’m looking forward to that itinerary! Just racking up the miles this season!

So here’s to some good fortune and better news heading into Moscow! Thanks for following along and since I won’t see any Canadian friends before the National Championships, good luck to everyone competing! Volleyball BC is going to put on another great event, no doubt about it!

I’ll post again soon – Wolfurt is beautiful and tomorrow we’re heading to Lake Constance so I’ll be sure to snap some photo’s to share.