Wolfurt Living, the local life!

09 Aug 2013 Mav In News, Travel

If you ask players on tour most can tell you their favorite places they’ve played – since the Klagenfurt (Austria) event was dropped from the FIVB schedule earlier this year all I’ve heard is how sick that event is, a common theme amongst the athletes.

Apparently it’ll be back next year so attendance will be a must to experience the legendary event for myself.

As for me, I think my favorite place I’ve played thus far has been Canada – but 1) I haven’t played everywhere, and 2) come on, how would I not choose Canada?! If I include the few European National Tour events I’ve played one of my favorite places is actually where I’m at now – Wolfurt, Austria. And this year, my second time attending, the organizer had a nice treat for us as Red and I are staying with a local family here.

Two years ago Binner and I played this event together and were put up in a nice hotel but the opportunity to have the home type atmosphere on the road is amazing. For example, I’m writing this while comfortably sitting on a couch in a nice bright living room – as opposed to sitting on a hotel bed with poor lighting and a ruined lower back. Now you understand; hotels get old real fast while on the road especially with the small room size in Europe.

The place we’re staying is really nice and the family is so friendly. This week is going to be a real treat, a nice relaxing stop during our three week stint in Europe. Let’s hope the sun comes out so we can get some use outta the pool that’s out back!  This morning a nice breakfast spread was prepared, although by the time we rolled down for breakfast all but one family member had already left for work.

Yes, that’s our Smart Car while we’re in Wolfurt, provided by the tournament director. And believe it not, I do fit in it…quite comfortably I might add.  In the bottom left picture you can just see the covered pool, and it may be too small to notice but in the top middle picture there is a castle in the background, build in the stone age I’m told – apparently only one elderly lady lives there, she drives a porsche..go figure.

The house is built on land that’s been in the family for generations – over the years family members have come back and built homes on the same land and if I remember correctly (which is not often the case) there are three houses on this property all occupied by members of the family.  I grew up rarely seeing my extended family members so this was a big surprise to me.  Shortly after arriving, I walked next door and sat down with about 14 family members to eat some traditional Austrian food – it was absolutely delicious, and everyone was so happy to meet and speak with me, I felt right at home.

At the venue there are two courts, center court with stadium seating for ~600 people and a second court just behind center. The women’s event starts today and ours begins tomorrow…luckily as today the weather has been similar to Berlin, rain upon rain. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid-20’s though, sans rain. Let’s hope the weather predictions here are more accurate than in Canada.

I’ll leave you with this nice little track from Sothko called “Everything is Fine” – thanks to HillyDilly.com for the share. If you like music you check out what’s going on there, Chad is pretty on point when it comes to good tunes.